Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Literacy & Me

Reflection on creating my (video) podcast:

My video podcast was created on my Blackberry, on a Kodak flip-cam, on Windows Movie Maker and ultimately YouTube. It also encompasses a number of online social media apps that I use. This assignment challenged me to work across hardware and software – since the video from the BlackBerry in the first scene, had to be uploaded from a proprietary network. The flip cam video had to uploaded as well, then edited and produced on Movie Maker. I needed literacy in all these technologies to pull it off.

I once heard Windows Movie Maker described as a “killer app” since it suddenly enabled video making by the average person and I agree with that assessment. The video wouldn’t have been possible without it.

Creating this podcast, and the new media it profiles demonstrates that I must take on several roles/wear several hats to do it all including creating the content and producing it.

The podcast was not scripted/written except in a very general sense (something I do all day at work). However, it was developed with a goal to tell narratives about each of the media, primarily to make it a bit more interesting.  However, some stories were cut to reduce the size to under five minutes. In fact, five minutes is long for a video without a strong narrative line or other interesting content.

Question that comes to my mind (completing a university course assignment in this manner) – is there an APA style for video or other online media?! J Should there be?


  1. Barb, I remember you mentioning Yammer months ago during our Knowledge Management class. Really interesting to hear that you've implemented it and that there's a good adoption rate. As I remember it, we were looking at SharePoint as a knowledge management tool, and talking about how it didn't meet the need for the all-important "socialization" aspect of knowledge sharing. I know it's early days, but do you think that Yammer will help to fill that gap, and allow for the informal, interdisciplinary kind of sharing that can extend knowledge across workgroups?
    P.S. - would you mind providing link to Youtube video of MACT class you mentioned at the end of your video? I couldn't find your youtube channel, and would love to see the video!

  2. Great podcast, Barb.

    I have a Yammer app on my iPhone, but I haven't had time to explore it. Thanks for the info about it!

    And I agree with Komori, can you share that link for the video?