Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Literacy & Me

Assignment #1, Ilona Cardinal (mp3)

I have never created a podcast before and I had all these grand plans of adding in other audio to support my podcast. I am a graphic designer, so how hard could it be? This has been a steep learning experience for me and it has been plagued with technical issues. I signed up with Audioboo but had trouble downloading the recording program, as a result this podcast is recorded in Windows Movie Maker, this may be a mistake. Then once I figured out Audioboo I uploaded the recording to Audioboo so I could embed the podcast here. There were also issues posting the podcast in the blog, the blog application keeps refusing my audio. I attempted adding audio from CD’s but my knowledge of audio programs is weak, so you only have my voice.

As a digital immigrant (obviously, note technical issues) this assignment really pushed me to think of my online activities how and why I spent so much time on the internet or with communication technology. I spent a lot of time asking myself questions about my online activity and how I felt these varies application benefited my personal and professional life. As I alluded to in my podcast I am feeling the need to change how I participate online; privacy and safety being some of my main concerns. 

Overall I am really hoping creating podcasts will become easier with fewer technical issues. I can design books, posters, magazines but it was a podcast that brought me down. Sigh

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  1. Hi Ilona: You're not the only graphic designer who found the audio stuff a big challenge. High fives on your successful foray into audioboo!