Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hi folks,

I too encountered some difficulties with audioboo - but rapidly learned how to use garage band to make a podcast (but not too well just yet!). There are a few audio VOLUME issues - but hey - that will just keep it interesting or REALLY show my learning nature in my digital learning journey.

I see my digital literary pathway as one that springs wide but has gaps - I just can't keep up with all the tools.

COMM 597 - Digital Literacy and me


  1. LOL on Ring of Fire...
    Really interesting to hear how you've been quite careful about what you leave behind on the web, Liz. Do you feel a need to sort of curate what's already there about you, or do find that it's best to just stay out of the fray all together?

  2. LOL! Liz, I love the Johnny Cash clip.

    You've used sound very well in this podcast. Well done!

    Now I wonder, when you see others writing inappropriate comments or posting cringe-worthy photos on Facebook or Twitter, how do you react?

  3. Liz, great podcast. I can really relate to the care you take in how you present yourself and what image you leave behind. I try to be very careful, too. I think it stems from acting as a spokesperson in various capacities on behalf of other people or organizations. I was always very aware that I was representing more than myself and was very careful to stay on message and 'in character'. My ability to continue to be hired to do spokesperson work was always predicated on the last interview I did on someone's behalf and a single misstep in a high profile setting could have put an end to my career.

    I no longer do this type of work unless it's absolutely unavoidable - while the rewards are high, so are the risks.

    For an example that training companies are gearing up to use on how not to act as a spokesperson, you might want to watch this clip of Catherine Marshall, who is a spokesperson for on the TV show Power and Politics.

  4. Great video clip Judith...thank you for sharing.. I can use this with my IMC class when we talk about media relations and preping for media interviews.

    Liz - I also loved the ring of fire clip you made. Great imagery.