Thursday, January 26, 2012

Digital Literacy & Me

When I first read the instructions for Assignment # 1, I felt that drop in the pit of my stomach that comes when I think I am into something I can’t accomplish.  A podcast? The idea that I might have to quit this course and signup for another elective did cross my mind. 

But after a skype call with a group of classmates who have been more instrumental in getting me through this program than they may realize, I felt re-nourished and challenged in a good way.  

So I spent one weekend teaching myself i-movie on my Mac.  And figuring out how to load it to YouTube.  To digital natives, that is not such a big deal, but it was for me. In fact, this assignment has helped me to break through another digital barrier.

So, I present this with some trepidation as well as apologies to any professional videographers out there. I remember when computers first gave people access to different fonts, styles and colours and they produced horrid-looking publications. I have done just that but with i-movie.  There are some cheesy moments but I decided to go over the top a bit in lieu of having fined tuned professional skills.  I will have to wait for my next production to fine-tune the editing skills – I can see the errors in this one and hope you can forgive this was produced early in my learning curve. 

In the end, I hope the message about my transliteracy life (which I thought was a joke at first but after finishing this, perhaps I am more transliterate than I realized) is clear to those who watch.

My Transliteracy Life

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  1. Kim, no matter the medium, your storytelling and teaching skills come through. Enjoyed your video. And hey - I recognize that poster on the wall behind you...