Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Digital Literacy and Me

This was a challenging project for me. I've dabbled in imovie before, but haven't really counted audio or video in my skill set, so there was a big learning curve involved. After getting off to a slow start, though, I began to see the possibilities - and also to see where I had gone wrong (and didn't leave enough time to start over!)

Digital literacy is a big topic, and it was difficult for me to find an angle to focus on. It was also difficult for me to find my voice in a new medium. I listen to a lot of CBC, and I have a bad feeling that I've sort of unintentionally modelled my podcast on something I'd hear on Definitely Not the Opera (but with low production values).

Nonetheless, having to think critically about my relationship to new media was a valuable exercise. Please excuse the technical glitches. You might want to have your finger on the volume control before you start. There are a few unfortunate fluctuations along the way!


  1. A little epilogue on this, since others are generously sharing their trials and tribulations: I had some funky issues with Youtube, Blogger, and their overbearing big brother Google. Something to do with the fact that I've got a U of A email account (which is actually sort of gmail?) connected with Blogger, but am using a different gmail account for Youtube. I finally got the video to embed while Google's back was turned for a moment. At the risk of sounding paranoid, I sometimes get the feeling that I'm never actually signed out of Google...

  2. Hi Linda,

    Totally agree with your worry about you're being perceived online Linda. I find especially when I'm blogging on Tumblr, in my head I'm only writing for the 100 or so people I interact with and the odd family member or friend that has the URL - definitely a mistake. The fact of the matter, in my case at least, is that there's a few thousand people out looking at my posts who don't have any concept of me beyond the words I put on the screen. Any nuance, sarcasm or inside joke goes overlooked, with the content left to speak for itself.

    I feel similarly about LinkedIn. I’m in a position now where I’m about to graduate and have to start looking for my first real job. The whole site feels kind of static to me? Just a network of connected profiles where everyone is showing their feathers like a proud peacock. Not that there’s anything wrong with that? I just find it different from a site like Twitter or Tumblr where you’re offering up content of value, where on LinkedIn you have to show your value without much on the site itself to back it up.


  3. Thanks, Jarett - I thought I might be coming across as curmudgeonly, so I'm glad my concern sounds valid. I think you've captured the problem with LinkedIn - because the primary purpose is, as you say "showing feathers", rather than content generation, it feels a bit hollow. When people make "just read a great article on..." posts on LinkedIn, it always feels like profile augmentation rather than the kind of content sharing that happens on some other platforms. But that's just me - I know some people love LinkedIn!

  4. Interesting thread about Linked In. I have been trying to build my profile and to learn how to use it more effectively, even though I am not looking for a job.

    Maybe some of the value is in the groups. I have joined some Linked In groups and while some people are definitely "showing feathers" I have actually found some great resources and entered some good discussions. For me the resources have been helpful to pass along to my students (mostly information on using social media in business).

    I have also encouraged them to create a professional online image using LinkedIn and to be careful about what they are sharing on Facebook as they are preparing to enter the job hunt race very soon.

    I will encourage them to place their e-portfolios on their Linked In account (I teach a portfolio course this semester and we are building both an offline portfolio and an e-portolio in prep for job interviews.)

    For me, Linked In provided a place where I was willing to accept students as contacts as I don't accept them as friends on Facebook - that is reserved for real friends and family.

    This is one link I received about using Linked In effectively through one of my links on the site. It's a webinar - I ad mit I am still in the process of checking it out - I'd be interested in your reaction as well. I suspect some of it is promotional, but there may be some value.

  5. Also Linda - a very thoughtful reflection and I enjoyed your video.