Saturday, April 14, 2012


I usually like to take some time at the end of a course and attempt some synthesis for my own purposes - to aid retention, and so that I have a hope of answering the "So, what was that thing you were working on for 3 months about, anyway?" kind of questions.
As I re-read this blog (well ok, skimmed some parts - c'mon, it's huge) I realized that synthesis would be a formidable task. I've taken a whack via Prezi, because it lends itself really well to mind-mapping and grouping seemingly random things. Because there was so much great material, I've drawn extensively from the words of my classmates in the blog. Hope this is ok with everyone. File is "Private" right now - not sure if everyone would be ok with going public on it given that I'm direct quoting. Thoughts on this are welcome. I've given attribution by blog user name only - so in any event, there's no additional info beyond what can already be viewed in the blog.
The Prezi is editable for one week by up to 10 editors via this link (not sure if I have the option of extending that time frame or not):
I hope that if you have time you'll add/edit/remix - I know that what I've started isn't comprehensive, and would appreciate contribution!
Thanks, everyone, for some great discussion. It has made my understanding so much deeper. And thanks, Jess, for a really enjoyable and valuable course. I hope that for future cohorts this becomes a core MACT course.


  1. Thanks for setting that up, it's beautiful and informative! I've never used Prezi before but it looks great, thanks!

  2. I echo what Hillary said - very impressed and honored that you included some of my postings. You have my permission to use my quotes.

    I'm hearing some Green Day music in the background that sums up my feelings about the changes occurring around us - "It's something unpredictable, but in the end it's right." From Good Riddance.

    I don't know how the band would feel, but it's no stranger to copyright issues...