Thursday, February 9, 2012

 I was sent this link through a Social Media Marketing group I belong to on LinkedIn. Give an earlier discussion about the value of it, I thought I would share.  Now we all know from research that stats can be misleading and I don't know the questions that produced these results.

I have been telling my students that this is a tool they should use for a professional online presence.  One student was actually called by a company to come in for an interview and they found her on LinkedIn. She happens to have the background they were looking for.  At a job fair my students attended recently, they were told by some companies to connect with them on LinkedIn.

There are some good comments that follow the article - about starting with your audience and not the medium, if you are a business looking to garner more business through LinkedIn.   It appears to be supported as a networking tool to find people, but some question as to its real value in converting leads into business.

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